About IPR Cell

About the Cell: The cell is established on 1st January 2019. The purpose of The IPR cell at DMCE is to organise, disseminate, enhance for the high legal and scientific vision of IPR. The cell looks forward to assisting and accelerating the interaction with industries for sustained growth in IPR to contribute to the wealth creation of the nation.

Vision of the Cell: To become landmark for the creation of human resources in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the knowledge value chain of the Nation.

Mission of the Cell: The mission of the IPR Cell of DMCE is to create awareness and provide guidance to academic and non-academic staff, students, scholars, and outside agencies on the practices regarding intellectual property rights and obligations.

The objectives of the IPR Cell:

1.The prime objective is to promote creation and commercialization of intellectual property and safeguard the interests of inventor.

2.To create an environment for acquiring new knowledge through innovation, develop an attitude of prudent IP management practices and promote an IPR culture.

3.To forward eligible cases of IPR to IPR Office in Mumbai.

4.To participate in / arrange periodic meeting of faculty members along with patentees, consultants, attorney and officers of PIC for identifying patentable inventions.

5.To engage and conduct workshops/ seminars to promote awareness about IPR.

6.To advice and guide students and faculty on the procedure of IPR, screen projects, make drafts and file patents to the competing authority.

7.To promote technology advancements for improved quality of life and environment protection.

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