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Being a part of Datta Meghe College of Engineering and leading the department of Information Technology, I take this opportunity to broach the department. The constant drive of the institute to provide innovative and quality education, has motivated us to develop and provide futuristic education to the students. The department strives to provide them with core competence in the field of IT and related Engineering so as to comprehend Engineering trade offs, analyse, design and synthesize data and technical concepts to create novel projects and solutions for the real life problems. The ace infrastructure , well qualified faculty, staff and T&P ensures bright future. I am confident that our students will excel in all stream of life and emerge as an asset to the organization they belong to, the institute, parents and also to the country, at large.

I congratulate all the students, and the team of it for their brilliant and indigenous efforts. On this note, I wish all the students a great academic career.

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