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The IT department has its own departmental library for the faculty to add to their knowledge and wisdom. The library is maintained by the faulty Mrs. Anita Mhatre

Sr No Title of the book Author Publication  Price *category Numbering  
1 Data Communications and networking Fourozen Tata Mc Graw hill 249 CP1 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP1  
2 Electronic communication systems Tomasi Pearson 185 CP2 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP2  
3 Digital Image Processing Jayaraman Tata Mc Graw hill 220 CP3 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP3  
4 Object oriented analysis and design Kolekar , Ansari Techmax 190 CP4 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP4  
5 manufacturing processes Patel,  Techmax 245 CP5 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP5  
6 Microcontroller Deshmukh Mc graw hill   CP6 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP6  
7 Electronic communication systems Kennedy,Davic Tata Mc Graw hill 130 CP7 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP7  
8 Data structures in C++ Joshi Tata Mc Graw hill 270 CP8 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP8  
9 Principles of communication Engg Taub's Tata Mc Graw hill   CP9 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP9  
10 Convergence of Technology & network Communic J.S.Katre,Rinku shah Techmax   CP10 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP10  
11 Principles of Multimedia Parekh Techmax 300 CP11 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP11  
12 Data warehousing and mining and OLAP   Tata Mc Graw hill 60 CP12 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP12  
13 Programming with JAVA Balaguruswamy Primer   CP13 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP13  
14 Software Engineering Satish Salunkhe Techmax   CP14 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/CP14  
15 Electronic devices and linear circuits J.S.Katre Techmax 375 DS1 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/DS1  
16 Digital communication  katre Techmax   DS2 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/DS2  
17 Theory of computer science   Aditi Publications   DS3 IT/DEPTLIB/2010-11/DS3  
2009 - 2010
Sr No Title of the book Author Publication  Price *category Numbering  
1 Intranet and web programing deven shah  dreamtech 249.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/DF1  
2 Internet Programming Patki nandu 185.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/CP1  
3 Network technology for digital devices chandaramani nandu 220.00 cp IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/CP2  
4 Database system veera nandu 190.00 cp IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/CP3  
5 Enterprise java beans richerd shroff 245 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/DF2  
6 Microprocessors interfacing and applictaions singh new Ap   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/DF3  
7 A textbook of Electrical engineering thereja S.chand 130.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/DF4  
8 XML development with java  daconta SAMS 270.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/DF5  
9 Mastering matlab hanselman pearson   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/DF6  
10 java and xml brell orielly   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/DF7  
11 professional java2 enterprise edition paco and peter shroff 300.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/DF8  
12 computer dictionary donald universal 60.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/DF9  
13 The java FAQ jonni pearson   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2009-10/DF10  
2008 - 2009  
Sr No Title of the book Author Publication  Price *category Numbering  
1 Image Processing Dhananjay     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA1  
2 The Complete reference to Java 2 Herbert Schidt     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA2  
3 Data Structures and Algorithms in java Goodrich     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA3  
4 Web Technology Sarkar.A Pareen Publications 346.00 BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA4  
5 Schaum's Outline statistics Spiegel,Murray Tata Mcgraw hill 315 BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA5  
6 Introduction to Artificial Neural networks Zurada,Jacek Jaico publications 395.00 BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA6  
7 Illustrated Family Encyclopedia D.K     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA7  
8 Encyclopedia of question and answers Avtilco     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA8  
9 Accounting for Non-Specialists Jones,Micheal     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA9  
10 Basic Finanacial accounting for management Shah, Paresh     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA10  
11 Strategic management for technological Innovatio Scilling, Melissa     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA11  
12 Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0(with CD) Northrup, Tony     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA12  
13 Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0(with CD) Northrup, Tony     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA13  
14 Electronics Commerce Schneider, Gary     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA14  
15 Distributed Operating systems Sinha     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA15  
16 SQL Server 2005 Nielson     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA16  
17 Database systems Nilkamal     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA17  
18 Management Information Systems jawadekar     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA18  
19 Introducing windows server 2008 PHI     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA19  
20 Programming in C# E.Balagurusamy     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA20  
21 Electronics Communication Systems Kennedy/Davis     BA IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/BA21  
22 Management Information Systems Mehta/Bhatkar/Chaubal Pareen 196.00 DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS1  
23 Multimedia systems Design Andleigh/Thakrar PHI   DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS2  
24 Object Oriented Programming with Java E.Balguruswamy TMH 275.00 DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS3  
25 Object Oriented Programming with Java E.Balguruswamy TMH 450.00 DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS4  
26 Data warehousing fundamantals Paulraj ponniah wiley 435.00 DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS5  
27 Digital Integrated Electronics Taub Schilling Mcgrawl hill 110.00 DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS6  
28 Digital Fundamentals Floyd UBS 220.00 DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS7  
29 Database systems jimit shah nandu 110.00 DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS8  
31 Software Engineering Patel nandu 120.00 DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS9  
32 Software Engineering Gadda Parren 346.00 Ds IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS10  
33 Applied Mathematics 3 Baphana Technical Publicatios 490.00 DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS11  
34 OOPS with C++ E.Balguruswamy TMH 220.00 DS IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DS12  
35 Java beans Monson Haefel oreilly 325.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP1  
36 Java beans Monson Haefel oreilly 325.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP2  
37 Java beans Monson Haefel oreilly 325.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP3  
38 Java beans Monson Haefel oreilly 325.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP4  
39 Pure JSP James goodwill Techmedia 150.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP5  
40 Pure JSP James goodwill Techmedia 150.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP6  
41 Pure JSP James goodwill Techmedia 150.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP7  
42 Pure JSP James goodwill Techmedia 150.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP8  
43 Enterprise Java programming NIIT     CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP9  
44 Enterprise Java programming NIIT     CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP10  
46 Enterprise Java programming NIIT     CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP11  
47 Enterprise Java programming NIIT     CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP12  
48 Extensible markup language NIIT     CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP13  
49 Extensible markup language NIIT     CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP14  
50 Extensible markup language NIIT     CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP15  
51 Developing applications using xlm 1 NIIT     CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP16  
52 Developing applications using xlm 1 NIIT     CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP17  
53 Developing applications using xlm 1 NIIT     CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP18  
54 Digital Logic Design and Applications A.P.Godse/D.A.Godse Technical Publicatios 250.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP19  
55 Internet Technology and Applications A.Sarkar Pareen 259.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP20  
56 Wireless and mobile n/w architecture Yi Bang Lin wiley 246.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP21  
57 Digital Logic Design and Applications A.P.Godse/D.A.Godse Technical Publicatios 350.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP22  
58 Internet Technology and Applications nagda,baliya technica;l 120.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP23  
59 Microprocessor and microcontrollers A.P.Godse techmax 360.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP24  
60 Modern Digital Electronics R.P.Jain TMH 250.00 CP IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/CP25  
61 Operating System concepts Galvil,Silberschatz,gagne wiley   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF1  
62 Advanced Programming in UNIX Environment Richerd Stevens Addison Wesley   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF2  
63 Oracle eesentials  Greenwald,stren,stackwi Oreilly Series   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF3  
64 Software Engineering S.d.joshi Technova    DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF4  
65 Compilers Construction Aho,Ullman ,Sethi Pearson   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF5  
66 operating System incorporating Unix and Windows colin ritchie BPB    DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF6  
67 Data Structures using C and C++ Langsam,Augenstein,Ten Prentice hall   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF7  
68 Oracle 8I Programming  Rajshekher sunderraman Addison Wesley   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF8  
69 TCP/IP Protocol suit B.A.Fourozan Mcgraw hill   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF9  
70 Electrical Machines  U.A.Bakshi Technical Publicatios   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF10  
71 Teach yourself ASP3  Eddy,Lourent,Kallmeger IDG publications   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF11  
72 Windows 98 Programming from ground up Herbert Schidt Mcgraw hill   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF12  
73 Data Communication  J.S.Chitode technical Publicatio   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF13  
74 .Net Notes NIIT     DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF14  
75 Quantitative Aptitude R.S.Aggrawal bpb 290.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF15  
76 Fundamental of Electrical and Electronics Engineer J.B.Gupta   250.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF16  
77 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering J.S.Katre Techmax 375.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF17  
78 8051 Microcontroller and Embeded systems Muhammad ali mazidi low price edition   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF18  
79 Signal and Systems with MATLAB sanjay sharma    230.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF19  
80 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Arvind Mittal Mcgraw hill 225.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF20  
81 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering B.R.Patil Oxford higher educa 195.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF21  
82 Computers and Information technology V.k.Kapoor s.chand   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF22  
83 Intoduction to artificial intelligence  d.W.petterson Prentice hall 200.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF23  
84 Artificail intelligence and Modern approach stuart russel,norvig Pearson  295.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF24  
85 computer simulation and modeling   Vipul 200.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF25  
86 Verbel and Non Verbel Reasoning R.S.Aggrawal  S.chand 365.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF26  
87 Objective general English R.S.Aggrawal  S.chand 240.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF27  
88 Industrial economics and mangement gokhale,kale vipul 215.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF28  
89 Project Management for Business and Technology John Nicholas  Prentice hall 375.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF29  
90 Let us C y.kanetkar BPB Publications   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF30  
91 Introduction to algorithms cormen,leicer PHI   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF31  
92 Software testing in real world Edward Kit Pearson education   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF32  
93 Digital communication J.S.Chitode Technical   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF33  
94 Database systems concepts Korth Mcgraw hill   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF34  
95 Database management systems concepts Korth Mcgraw Hill 330.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF35  
96 Computer networks Tenenbaum Prentice hall   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF36  
97 Java        DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF37  
98 Management studies parag shah     DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF38  
99 Datastuctures using c++ Gilberg     DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF39  
100 Operating systems j.donavan     DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF40  
101 Operating systems       DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF41  
102 Object Oriented C++       DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF42  
103 Digital signal processing Bijit     DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF43  
104 UML userguide Booch,rumbaugh,jacobs     DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF44  
105 Visual basic 6 from ground up Gary Cornell Tata Mcgraw hill   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF45  
106 Software Engineering Ian Sommerville Addison Wesley   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF46  
107 Computer networks A.S.Tenenbaum Prentice hall   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF47  
108 Digital Electronics and logic design A.P.Godse Technova publicatio   DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF48  
109 Web services Kumar,subramanium techmax 150.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF49  
110 Active server pages  Niclolas chase PHI 275.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF50  
111 RHCE micheal jang dreamtech 429.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF51  
112 Let us C y. kanetkar Bpb 120.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF52  
113 Modern wireless communication haykin pearson 293.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF53  
114 Matlab programming for Engineers chapman   296.00 DF IT/DEPTLIB/2008-09/DF54  
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