Department of

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering(Formarly Electronic Engineering, Since 1988)

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering was established in the Year 1988, initially with student intake of 90 students which was further increased to 120 from the Academic Year 1991-92 onwards. Our journey from the Year 1988 to till date has seen us growing in strength and diversifying to cater to the growing demands in higher Education with first year intake strength of 120 UG seats, 18 PG seats and 10 Ph.D. seats till the Academic Year 2020-21. In the Academic year 2021-22, the First Year Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering intake strength was reduced to 60 and the remaining 60 seats were offloaded to start a new course in the latest emerging area of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences. We started the master’s Program in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering in the Year 2011-12 and later established the Ph.D Research Centre in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering recognized by University of Mumbai in the Year 2017.


The Industry Academia partnership plays a vital role in shaping our students from their employability point of view. It is mandatory for every student of our department to undergo internships and trainings at regular schedules during the course of the program, which is facilitated by the department. MoU to this effect has been signed with various corporates and firms like RCF, GNU IT Services, Bit Leaf Technologies, Step-One Digital Solutions, Digi-Lock, Anudip Foundation, etc. Apart from these, many of our students have undergone internship/Training at SIEMENS, Indian Railways, BARC, Godrej & Boyce, HPCL, GAIL, Selec Controls Pvt. Ltd., Metro Rail, Infinity Solutions and many more.

The vibrancy of the department is reflected through the various technical and/or social activities undertaken by students through forums like EESA (Electronic Engineers Student Association), IETE (Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers), ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) student’s chapter and NSS (National Service Scheme). The rich experience of our faculty members help in channelizing and motivating the aspiring Engineers to participate in multiple activities and tasks so as to be Industry-ready by the time these students graduate out of the department.

Our Vision

To foster higher standards that can cater the current and futureneeds of industry and Society.

Our Mission

M1: To produce best employable Engineers through an all-inclusive education system serving the society and community at large.

M2: To nurture intellectual power by integrating research, teaching and assessment promoting continuous improvement.

M3: To strengthen and empower institute-industry interface to identify the curricular gaps and address them effectively.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1 - Analyze real life problems, design appropriate system to provide solutions that are technically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable.

PEO2 - Excel in professional career and/or higher education in the area of Communication, VLSI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, IoT, automation, networking etc.

PEO3 - Exhibit professionalism, ethical attitude, communication skills, team work in their profession and adapt to current trends by engaging in lifelong learning.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1 - Analyze, design and implement subsystems/systems to find applications in the field of analog, digital circuits, networks, signal processing, communication, VLSI design, embedded systems etc.

PSO2 – Conduct laboratory exercise or design projects in a team using modern hardware and software tools to successfully adapt in multidisciplinary environment.

PSO3 - Develop skills to engage in higher education, employability and entrepreneurship with ethics and social concerns.


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Dr. Raghtate Ganesh Shridharrao

Head of Department, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering(Formarly Electronic Engineering, Since 1988)

Greetings & a Warm Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering!!!

The four Year degree program of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering caters to the employment opportunity spread across domains like (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Optical and Microwave), VLSI, Embedded System, Software Systems, Networking, Communication Engineering and the latest emerging areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoTs. Our focus is on the overall development of the students so as to enable them to compete globally and embrace the changing and emerging technologies. We ensure that each student of our department is trained and exposed to real time situations in either of the above domains which is further enriched through student participation across various National and International platforms like SMART INDIA HACKATHON, MASTEK’S PROJECT Deep-Blue, Swadeshi Microprocessor Challenge, e-YANTRA and various similar platforms. Simultaneously we also provide in-house platforms like International Conference (ICATE), National Level Final Year Project Competition (ELECTROWIZ), Intra Department Project Competition and many such platforms for our students to showcase their technical, managerial, research and application skills.

Our students have won laurels in SMART INDIA HACKATHON 2017 and 2019, MASTEK’s Project DeepBlue-2019, and various other Technical Events. Hence our students find placement across Technology Companies like Intel, ISRO, Microsoft, Google, TCS, Capegemini, Wipro, Facebook and others. Similarly many of our students have pursued higher education in elite Institutions in India and abroad. Many of our students are IIMs and IIT Post Graduates while some of them are in Civil Administrative Services like Indian Engineering Services, Indian Foreign Services, Indian Police Services and others. Many are leading entrepreneurs cutting across various segments like Automation, Telecom, Embedded Systems, IoT and IT Enabled Services.

Owing to such a strong foundation, we have our Alumni holding positions of eminence across various segments. So the road map for such illustrious career is continuously refined with joint efforts put-up by our hard and smart working Students, experienced faculty and rich Alumni from time to time.

Lastly, I would say that Your Destination will be decided by Your KARMA in the Years of study at the Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Datta Meghe College of Engineering.

Dr.Pete Dnyandeo Jageshwar

Professor and Principal

Qualification: Ph.D. Electrical 2012

Experience: 25+ years

Dr. Raghtate Ganesh Shridharrao

Associate Professor and HOD

Qualification: Ph.D. AIML, M.E.:Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Experience: 16+

Mr.Jajoo Suresh Ramvilas

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. Tech.(Integrated Power Sys) 1999

Experience: 30+ years

Mr.Kurhekar Anil Sudhakar

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E.(Electronics) 1996(Ph.D. Pursuing)

Experience: 30+ years

Mr.Lohiya Govindkumar Balkisan

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E.(Electronics) 1996

Experience: 24+ years

Mr.Jadhav Venkat Kondiba

Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph.D.(Pursuing) M.Tech. ( Elex. & Tel.) 2008

Experience: 24+ years

Dr.Wankhede Prashant Shriram

Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph. D. Electronics 2020

Experience: 24+ years

Mrs.Vaidya Sanjiwani Namdeo

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E. Elex. & Tel. 2014

Experience: 28+ years

Mrs.Nirmal Asmita Jagannath

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E.(Elex. & Tel.) 2011 (Ph.D. Pursuing)

Experience: 18+ years

Mr.Adokar Ramesh Vitthal

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E. Elex.& Tele

Experience: 33+ years

Mrs. Shukla Dhanashree Pratik

Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph.D. ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING (Pursuing) M.E.: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Experience: 10+ years

Ms Patil Pratiksha Baban

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E.: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Experience: 12 years

Mr. Faisal Amirulla Khan

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E.: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Experience: 1 year