Board of Governors

Mrs. Gauri Bhattacharya


Dr. Subir Kumar Banerjee

Former President & Trustee

Mrs. Suvra Banerjee

Former President & Trustee

Dr. Rituparna Banerjee


Mr. Sreejit Bhattacharya


Dr. Anand Katti

Managing Director

Science and Technology have deep roots in Indian culture, with recent institutional support and contributions opening up vast opportunities for technological advancement. We are dedicated to enhancing human potential in Engineering and Technology, striving for excellence through innovative practices that address 21st-century needs. Our legacy values academic excellence, professionalism, ethics, and cultural diversity. I invite all stakeholders to join us in our unwavering pursuit of success.

Mrs. Gauri Bhattacharya


Board of Governance

The Board of Governance ensures strategic direction and oversight.

# Name Designation
1 Mrs. Gauri Bhattacharya Chairman
2 Dr. Rituparna Banerjee Secretary
3 Mr. Sreejit Bhatacharya Member
4 Mr. Subir Kumar Banerjee Member
5 Mrs. Suvra Banerjee Member
6 Dr. Parthsarathi Chauhan Member
7 - AICTE Nominee
8 Dr. S. S. Mantha University Nominee
9 Dr. A. A. Ghatol DTE Nominee
10 Dr. D. J . Pete Principal
11 Dr. A. P. Patil Member, Professor
12 Dr. A. P. Pandey Member, Professor

Members of Academic Advisory Board

College Development Committee of Datta Meghe College of Engineering is activated as Academic Advisory Committee; therefore the members of CDC are the members of Academic Advisory Committee of our College. Following are the members of College Development Committee(CDC):

# Name Designation
1 Dr. Subir Kumar Banerjee Chairman
2 Mrs. Gauri Bhattacharya Secretary
3 Dr. D.J. Pete Principal
4 Dr. Amol Pande Head of Department
5 Dr. S. M. Deshmukh Teacher
6 Dr. Aruna Henry Teacher
7 Dr. S. M. Patil Teacher
8 Dr. Ganesh Raghatate Coordinator. IQAC
9 Mr. Amit Kumar Dey Non Teaching
10 Ms. Rutuja Walunj General Secretary
11 Mr. Shubham Pawar Student
12 Mr. DineshKumar Singh Local Member
13 Mr. Vijay Mouye Local Member
14 Mr. Abhnay M. Dakwale Local Member
15 Mr. Arjit A. Dey Local Member