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Department of Civil Engineering is established way back in 1988. Department has the intake of 120 at UG level 18 for PG in Structural Engineering and 10 Research scholars for PhD. The department prepares students for academic and industrial needs. Academics is enriched by frequent field visits, mini projects, seminars and workshops. The Department offers wide range of Internship opportunities in the diverse spectrums of Civil Engineering.

The members of the faculty are highly qualified having with PG and Ph.D. degrees in diversified specializations and research areas. The laboratories are standardized as per the norms and are well equipped with the equipment and instruments. The department offers consulting and testing services through its Consultancy and Testing Cell (CEDTCC) and is proud to be associated with several projects of national importance. Large number of technical and research papers are published by the department in the peer reviewed and reputed journals of national and international levels indexed in prominent data bases such as Web of Science (SCI/SCIE/ESCI), SCOPUS and Google Scholar.

The passed out batches have maintained a consistent record of high academic standard. More than 100 students have been awarded with Masters’ degree and 09 candidates have been awarded Ph.D. degree by the University. Our alumni are placed in reputed construction and consultancy firms, Government organizations, public sector undertakings and local bodies in India and abroad.

The Department is actively involved in continuing education programs in the form of Short Term Training Programs, Short Term Courses and Workshops and Seminars.

Our Vision

To bring out value based Civil Engineers with knowledge of research and recent technology to meet the current and future challenges of the society and industry.

Our Mission

M1: To provide quality and research oriented education in the field of civil engineering.
M2: To induce leadership quality and professional ethics among the students to handle  projects independently.
M3: To have regular interaction between industry-academia to make our graduates ready  and competent for the industry.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. PEO 1: The Graduates will hold key positions in Research organizations, Construction industry and Government organizations.


  1. PEO 2: The Graduates will be ethical and socially conscious engineers.


  1. PEO 3: The Graduates will be known for providing practical and latest Civil engineering  services as Entrepreneurs and professionals.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  1. PSO 1: Graduates of this program with proficiency in civil engineering will be able to excel in  the core areas such as structural, geotechnical and material science.


  1. PSO 2: Graduates will be able to develop and design sustainable infrastructural projects  considering global environmental challenges which address the societal needs.


  1. PSO 3: Graduates will be able to apply modern management and construction techniques as  an individual/team.

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Dr. Dode Prasadkumar A.

Head of Department, Civil Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering, where we focus on creating a better living environment through accomplished infrastructure. Our curriculum combines traditional civil engineering with cutting-edge technologies to prepare engineers for the evolving industry. We address global sustainability challenges, emphasizing ethics and ecological balance. Our goal is to nurture values-based professionals skilled in designing sustainable civil engineering systems. Strong alumni connections bridge the gap between academia and industry, facilitating training, placement, and technical exchange. Join us in shaping the future of civil engineering.

Dr.Dode Prasadkumar Avinash

Professor & HOD

Qualification: Ph.D. Civil Engineering M.E Civil (Environmental Engineering) B.E Civil Engineering

Experience: 33+ years

Dr. Patil Smita Bhushan

Asso. Professor

Qualification: Ph.D. Civil Engineering, M.E Civil (Environmental Engineering), B.E. (Environmental Engineering)

Experience: 16+ years

Mr.Barbude Prashant Ramdas

Asst. Professor

Qualification: Ph.D Civil Engineering (Pursuing) M.Tech (Structural Engineering) B.E Civil Engineering

Experience: 34+ years

Mr.Muley Prashant Vinodrao

Asst. Professor

Qualification: Ph.D Civil Engineering (Pursuing) M.E. Civil (Structural Engineering ) B.E Civil Engineering

Experience: 32+ years

Mr.Kolisetty Ramakrushna Venkateswarlu

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. (Civil) (Town & Country Planning), B.E Civil Engineering.

Experience: 32+ years

Mr.Mohammad Rafique

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. (Structural) 2014 ( Ph.D. Pursuing)

Experience: 14+ years

Mrs.B. Manjuladevi

Asst. Professor

Qualification: Ph.D. Civil 2022, M.E. Civil 2013

Experience: 15+ years

Dr.Rasal Sikandar Ankush

Asst. Professor

Qualification: 19+ years

Experience: Ph.D. Civil Engineering M.E. Civil (Structural Engineering) B.E Civil Engineering

Mr.Vaidya Mahendra Kawduji

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. Civil Engineering, B.E Civil Engineering

Experience: 30+ years

Ms.Jessly Rajan

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.Tech. Civil (Structural Engineering), B.E Civil Engineering

Experience: 6+ years

Mr.Ahirwar Aditya Diwakar

Asst. Professor

Qualification: Ph.D Civil (Pursuing), M.Tech. Civil Engineering, B.E Civil Engineering

Experience: 6+ years

Mr.Gitte Kapil Kishanrao

Asst. Professor

Qualification: Ph.D Civil (Pursuing), M.E. Civil (Water Resource Engineering), B.Tech Civil & Water Management

Experience: 5+ years

Mr.Kamble Praful Arun

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. Civil (Structural Engineering) B.E Civil Engineering

Experience: 8+ years

Dr.(Mrs.)Patil Vandana Gangadhar

Asst. Professor

Qualification: Ph.D.(Geology) M.Sc (Geology) B.Sc Science

Experience: 20+ years

Mr.Lende Nilesh Shivaji

Asst. Professor

Qualification: Ph.D Civil Engineering (Pursuing), M.E. Civil (Structural Engineering) , B.E Civil Engineering

Experience: 10+ years

Mrs. Sanika Vinay Jaygade

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. Constructio MGT 2019

Experience: 1+ year

Mr. Amol Gaikwad

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. Structures 2022

Experience: 1+ year

Mrs. Sucheta Sanket Kakde

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E.WRE 2014

Experience: 1+ year

Ms. Harshal Ashokrao Parate

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E.WRE 2017

Experience: 1+ year

Mrs. P. Kousitha

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. Civil 2008

Experience: 1+ year

Ms. Bhagyashree Laxmikant Deshpande

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.Tech. Construction Mang. 2022

Experience: 1+ year

Mrs.Jadhav Radhika Rohit

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.E. ( Structurl) 2014

Experience: 7+ years