Department of

Civil & Infrastructure Engineering

Civil Infrastructure is the backbone of a nation’s economy, security, and health. Civil Infrastructure Engineering addresses the robustness of the built environment. Considering the rapid growth in infrastructural activities in India and abroad, Datta Meghe college of Engineering inducted this new promising branch of Engineering from academic session 2020-21. This branch is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) and affiliated to University of Mumbai.

The department provides unique programs that combine the core subjects of conventional civil engineering with recent technologies such as Infrastructure Planning, Modern Survey, Town and Country Planning, Water Management Infrastructure, Transport Infrastructure, Human Rights and Laws, Power and Info- Com technologies Infrastructure, Infrastructure Management & Economics. Additionally, a major thrust is also planned on the design, implementation, and maintenance of large-scale integrated infrastructure systems across different domains.

The Civil and Infrastructure Engineering program prepares students for the employment in engineering design, planning, material, consulting and contracting firms. The alumni shall be placed in different organizations that are expertise in construction engineering, planning and management, structural and materials engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering and water and environmental engineering.

Now is the opportune time for Civil and Infrastructure Engineers in India as the country is going to take leaps and bounds in implementing infrastructure projects - roads & bridges, flyovers, highways, airports, Metros, etc.

Our Vision

To be a preeminent academia in Civil and infrastructure engineering domain
contributing towards developing skilled technocrats to meet the technological needs of
the society.

Our Mission

Impart research based education and facilities in the areas of Civil and
Infrastructure Engineering developing competent professionals to foster the
needs of the community.
M2 Provide ample opportunity for industry institute interaction to build graduates
possessing required skill-sets concerning latest happening and current trends.
M3 Develop leadership qualities and professional ethics among graduates to lead
projects independently.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Graduates will hold key positions in esteemed organizations of the construction
industry as well as government and research based organizations.
Graduates will be aware of their ethical and social responsibility.
Graduates will have the capability to provide latest Civil and Infrastructure
Engineering services as entrepreneurs and professionals incorporating the
latest developments in engineering and technology.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Graduates of this program will be able to excel in core areas of Civil and
Infrastructure Engineering such as structural, geotechnical and material science.
Graduates will be able to understand local as well as global community needs
and be competent to design and develop sustainable transport, water resource,
energy and utility infrastructure considering global environmental challenges.
Graduates will be able to implement modern management tools and latest
construction techniques as an individual/team.

"Civil & Infrastructure Engineering branch" is Equivalent to "Civil Engineering Branch"

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Mr Patil Atulya Pralhadrao

Head of Department, Civil & Infrastructure Engineering

Hearty welcome to the Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering at Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli Navi Mumbai! The course leading to a bachelor’s degree in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering recently inducted in the year 2020 considering the rapid growth in infrastructural activities in globe and especially in India. Our mission is to provide high-quality engineering education and uniquely-tailored experiences to our students, nurturing them, and, through research and services to the community, developing innovative concepts, designs, and techniques. We especially encourage, support, and reward research thinking that aspires to break new ground, bridge disciplines, and forge collaborations, all in order to maximize positive impact to human societies. Civil and Infrastructure Engineers shall undertake technical roles in the field of planning and project designing as well as the supervision and management of Civil Infrastructure projects such as highways, railways, buildings, bridges, airports, dams, water supply and waste management systems, power generation etc. Besides the courses related to core Civil Engineering we will be offering courses on infrastructure planning, modern survey, town and country planning, water management infrastructure, transport infrastructure, human rights and laws, power and info-Com technologies infrastructure, infrastructure management & economics. After graduation, our students will have work opportunities in private or public institutions and organizations both in India and abroad. We have a firm belief that our students at Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Department based on the high quality education and experience gained over the course of their undergraduate study will continuously be out there to contribute to build a better nation. I am convinced that our students will excel in all stream of life and emerge as an asset to the organization they belong to, the institute, parents and also to the country, at large.

Mr Patil Atulya Pralhadrao

Professor & HOD

Qualification: Ph.D Civil engineering

Experience: 31+ Years

Mrs. Gaikwad Shubhangi Mangesh

Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech.Construction & Management, B.E. Civil Engineering.

Experience: 9+ years

Mr. Keskar Abhijeet Purushottam

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. WRE. 2017

Experience: 5+ year

Mr. D'silva Richard Anthony

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. Const. & Mgt. 2019

Experience: 6+

Ms. Yadav Divyashree Pramod

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. Const.Engg. & Mgt. 2021

Experience: 6+ years

Mr. Deshpande Harshal Girish

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. Structural 2017

Experience: 11+ years

Mr. Saryu Kumar Sharma

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.Tech. Engg. Structures 2018

Experience: 5+ years

Ms. Rajshri Rajendra Lokhande

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. Structure 2021

Experience: 1+ years

Ms. Keshari Kritika

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.Tech.Enviromental Engg. 2016

Experience: 5+ years

Mrs. Arti Shankar Pharande

Asst. Professor

Qualification: M.E. Const.Engg. & Mgt. 2021

Experience: 7+ years